The writers of "Leap frog thinking"




After  a first experience  in marketing research concentrating on food and cosmetics with Cegos  Chantal Bregeault joins  advertising agency FCA!  in 1980 rising to the position of General Manager in 1989.

In 1994 she creates Exclamation an agency specializing in goods pertaining to women. Later her agency merges with Publicis where she becomes Executive VP and member of the executive board.

Throughout all her years in advertising she constantly worked with two multinational giants: Nestlé and l’Oréal developing several of their major worldwide brands.

In 2001 she creates Keeping in Touch with Success with Marc Bourgery. 





In October 2001, Marc Bourgery founded “Keeping in Touch with Success” with Chantal Bregeault, a company specializing in identifying worldwide consumer Aspirations.

They define  an Aspiration as a strong desire, a powerful driving motivation not yet expressed by consumers but ready to emerge if offered the appropriate product or service.

Because Consumers’ Aspirations today will be their behaviour tomorrow, knowing their Aspirations will lead you to develop successful new products.

Starting this company was the logical conclusion of a long career devoted to better understanding the customer and the consumer acquired both in research and in worldwide agencies such as FCA!, McCann, Publicis, EuroRSCG dealing with major multinational clients.

He teaches a course in "Breakthrough Marketing" at Science PÔ. in Paris.

It should be noted that Marc Bourgery has had experience with many international organisations  such as Nestlé, l’Oréal, Canon, Peugeot automobiles, Sodexo or the International airport of Amsterdam Schiphol.