A road map


In today’s global world of hyper competition (millions of offers made to billions of customers through internet and mass distribution) being even an excellent “follow the leader manager” is no longer good enough.

Most players feel that the only way to survive is to engage in deathly price wars and rebates: low cost flights, clothing sold by the pound, larger and larger TV screens sold cheaper and cheaper  not talking about cars sold with more and more features for free.

These shrinking margins lead to manufacturing and production of many industrial countries leaving for “slave countries” allowing for the destruction of jobs and unemployment becoming the major issue in many of the more affluent areas of the world.

Only “breakthrough Innovation” can stop the great slide down due to the “always more of the same old stuff strategies” that most of our marketers are promoting relentlessly. Improving  one’s offer is indispensable just to stay in business but is by no means an Innovation. Taking the lead is the only solution. Steve Jobs did it. So can you.

“Leap frog thinking” is one answer to this huge challenge  that many managers  feel is their main responsibility today:  creating  Sustainable Jobs and Margins.

This “thinking out of the box text book” will appeal to all those that feel tired of “running as fast as possible just to stand still”.